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How do you choose cabinet?
At Adagio, we concern ourselves with what goes into making a cabinet. If it's versatile, dependable, timeless and beautiful, it's Adagio.                         Adagio cabinetry adds aesthetics, storage space and distinctive style to any kitchen.  We at Adagio insist: "A cabinet is not only as good as sum of it's parts, but how well those parts are put together."                          From side walls and shelf thickness to drawer construction and hinge angles, Adagio knows how to put it together right.                                                           Our cabinets feature QUALITY, DESIGN, SERVICE and  PERFORMANCE.
We offer cabinets with traditional and contemporary custom-made look. Innovative features include wide variety of accessories. Quality and beauty that's built for where you live - quality and style, quality in the manufacturing process, quality in business, and quality in service.      Adagio cabinets made in United States. They are designed in  the classic tradition to last for several generations. Adagio has been designing and building cabinets since 1998. Great effort and remarkable craftsmanship was recognized and approved by many builders and construction companies Adagio worked with for years.